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The future of accounting marketing is here. The emergence of the Internet as an information source and marketplace has changed the way prospective buyers approach the buying process. Previously, executives would tap their existing network to obtain a referral from a colleague or associate. Now they can turn to the Internet to conduct due diligence and find a provider that may fall outside of their business network. The new reality is that warm prospects are searching the Internet for service providers. The question accounting marketers need to ask is what are we doing to address this growing market?

One method of attracting these prospects to your website is Search engine optimization (SEO). Columbus SEO expert is the process of improving the visibility of a website or webpage through organic or unpaid search results. While this is a newer tactic the need for implementation and potential for new business is understood by many in the accounting marketing field already.

“I think search engine optimization is of growing importance to an accounting firm’s marketing strategy,” said Karlye Rowles, Marketing Manager for Schneider Downs, a CPA firm in Pittsburgh and Columbus. “As more people go to the Internet to find providers, firms that don’t invest in SEO may miss new business opportunities.”

The results of targeted SEO support this assertion. “In November alone, we got 10 leads directly from our website,” said Katie Tolin, Director of Marketing for Rea & Associates, a regional CPA firm in Ohio. “They range from an individual looking for help with back taxes to a consulting engagement to a local manufacturer who needs a business valuation.”

As executives turn to the Internet to find providers, it is essential that accounting marketers understand how to optimize websites with search engines. The optimization process needs to become part of the broader marketing strategy. If you are unfamiliar with SEO, then make an investment in optimizing your site. The key to success with SEO is to make developing and optimizing new content a priority in daily marketing activities.