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There are many different kinds of SEO expert and given that everyone has different needs you need to find a company that works for you. Many people find themselves deceived by so called “SEO” firms; never obtaining the front page ranking they were promised. This often leaves them with a bad taste for any and all things SEO. In Utah where there are numerous SEO expert many individuals find themselves suckered into these promised rankings. But aside from the few bad apples SEO is an effective and valuable science.

Different types of SEO expert

Every cexpert has a different business model and overall strategy. Like in most other fields of business one an industry becomes over saturated with supply businesses must break off and begin to specialize in order to secure market share. As you research you will find that many companies offer comprehensive services and many offer only few specialized services. For those with little time or attention to give a broad “one stop shop” SEO expert might be the way to go. However if you need a lot of high quality links it may be more purposeful to hire a link building company or team.


The biggest thing to watch out for is the attentiveness of the SEO firm you are looking into. A common problem is that smaller companies’ get lesser treatment because they cannot dish out the big bucks major companies’ can and therefore there are not worth as much time. A good SEO company is one that responds to you quickly, answers your phone calls and is even willing to let you visit the office.

In large part the way an SEO expert is managed reflects the type of results you as a client will get. Since the SEO industry is new there are not a lot of standards and best practices when it comes to executive level decisions and problems. In major tech areas like California, New York or Utah this is less of concern though since the more talented individuals and companies are drawn to this area.


The best way to screen your SEO company is to put forth some due diligence. Researching and comparing various policies, services and websites can help you decide which company looks the most credible and will provide the absolute best services for your dollar. It is best to start looking for a firm in your area since you can meet face to face and have a physical location to go in case things go awry. Make sure you have made a final decision before committing to anything financial or otherwise.

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