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The point of this article is to help you understand the true value of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Searching for a reputable company for your SEO and Internet marketing needs, you will come across various companies who promise to deliver you a top ranking for either an extremely low cost or even a flat fee. It is with absolute certainty that none of these companies can deliver these promises because the search engines are constantly evolving and SEO is an ongoing process. For the few companies who can deliver fast results they will likely use fraudulent methods, or black hat SEO tactics. While these tactics can produce results quickly in the short term, they will eventually be discovered and your website will likely be banned from Google as a result. To be able to avoid these methods you need to understand them. We will discuss in length the various SEO Scams you might encounter.

Black Hat SEO is any method used to gain a high ranking on the search engines via fraudulent or unethical means. One such method is the use of automated software-designed to quickly submit your website to thousands of directories and search engines instantly. While this method in theory can gain you fast results it is a complete fabrication. First and foremost the directories and search engines are now equipped with safeguards in place to defend against automated submissions. So, the promised submissions are nothing more than submissions. They may promise to submit your site to 1,000 directories, but the do not promise inclusion!

The SEO firms who use this method will not always explain in detail how they intend to get you listed in these directories. They promise the 1,000 submissions, but they fail to tell you how they will gain them. Be sure to diligently ask these questions up front to protect your website.

Another common black hat method is keyword stuffing. This is a spam method where keywords are literally stuffed on website pages in an unintelligent manner to trick the search engines into thinking your site is the most relevant for those keywords. A step further, these keywords are often barely visible on the site. This method is unethical and can also get you banned from the major search engines.

Another fraudulent practice is when an San Diego SEO Firm promises you rankings for keywords that nobody is searching for. Usually these are long, run-on phrases. While these rankings are easy to achieve there is no benefit from gaining this ranking.

With Black hat and other fraudulent methods of SEO, the main thing to realize is that ethical means exist. The companies who use the unethical methods are those who want to skip the work required to build true rankings.

Lastly, here are some items to watch for when you are searching for an Internet Marketing Firm to help you with your SEO needs.

1.Emails from SEO Firms that arrive in your inbox–out of the blue! These are typically email templates and they have zero information within regarding your website or what it is you offer, sell or provide. Instead, it conveys that you are not near the top of the search engines and they offer to help. Reputable companies do not send out SPAM Emails, so be weary of those that do.

2.Be weary of any SEO who fails to explain Search Engine Optimization in full detail. These are guys who usually work out of their garage and often cannot produce the results they promise.

3.Avoid any SEO Company who fails to explain the difference between an organic ranking and a sponsored ranking. Saying, “we’ll get you a top ranking” and then paying for a sponsored ranking where you will be there once or twice a day is not the same as building you an organic ranking-the true heart and soul of SEO.

4.Never trust anybody who claims to be able to provide you with instant rankings for a very low or flat fee. SEO is ongoing, so a flat fee is always suspicious.

True Search Engine Optimization is extremely time consuming and full of hard work. Although short cuts exist, they are not worth it. The search engines will eventually catch you and you will pay the price while the SEO Firm moves on without you. Honest SEO Firms treat SEO like a process and never treat it like an event.