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How to Avoid SEO Scams

SEO firms can sometimes be a scam. Don’t fall for it. Be sure never to share confidential information about your or your company with SEO firms that you don’t recognize or haven’t heard of. Be very careful with teaser offers like free trials, services that seem too good to be true or are overly expensive. Take a second look at any guarantees or promises and avoid vendors who won’t listen to what you have to say.

Many SEO companies will send you unsolicited emails about how they can generate more traffic for search engine optimization, SEO. SEO is a technique of changing the design of your website so that it comes out in the top of search engine results on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. This website optimization can attract more customers and clients and can generate more traffic to your webpages. You can hire me as a El Paso SEO Expert to optimize your site for you but we should cover some initial topics to remember to help you avoid getting scammed by services that are not on your side. Be sure that they company or person you hire is a bona fide professional.

Do not offer personal information

Since search engine optimization is so universal, everybody can be duped into giving their information to scammers that offer these SEO services. They may call it a free trial or a trial period, but they are really hunting for your password. Be sure you don’t reuse a password from your blog sites or any other online venue, and it may even make sense to provide them a unique name and email address so you can identify which spam originates from them. Most people don’t realize that email systems like Gmail ignore dashes. This means that you can register as username at and also as user-name at and those will both come to the same address. By using this distinct address you can see if they sent you spam from a registration you completed. To avoid the risk with free offer sites, avoid giving personal data or passwords to them.

Be Careful with Discount Offers or Extremely Expensive Deals

In comparison bidding venues like Guru, take a look around at the top ranked providers and check out their average billing rates. This will help you find out what the best rate might be for a particular service. Fees that are tool low may indicate that they do low quality work, or they will hit you up with upgraded fees once you start with them. Rates that are too high may just be empty charges from a low quality provider who is simply going for the higher margin.

Don’t Fall for Guarantees

SEO providers may offer guarantees. Don’t expect to be able to claim a guarantee if their company can simply disappear (or just ignore you). Be sure that you are not paying in advance for empty promises like “guaranteed #1 rankings” or “guaranteed top positions in Google”. They also may promise results overnight or fast rankings in search engines. These are just empty promised from firms looking to score a quick buck. SEO takes time and when Google finds rushed increases in backlinks or other tactics, they actually punish you rather than rank you.

If They Won’t Listen, Don’t Give Them Your Money

You have questions and if the SEO professional you work with is simply after your money, they won’t let you ask them… or they will ignore your questions. The best SEO marketing agencies will take the time to address your questions and explain their approaches. Be very wary of “black box” SEO where they refuse to demonstrate or explain their strategy. Remember also that SEO is a daily task so they should never be “waiting” for rankings to improve. There is always something that they could be doing and you should know what those activities are.

Do Not Pay Attention to Unsolicited SEO Offers

If you are getting an email from an SEO firm out of the blue, just delete it. These are generally coming from hacking firms that are scraping domain name lists or websites just to harvest your information. Search Engine Optimization is a very powerful tool in your marketing arsenal…. but they are also a critical capital investment in your brand and your business. Take that knowledge with the seriousness that it implies and own these resources just like you would other corporate assets.